CommentLuv for Blogger – Install CommentLuv Plugin on Blogger

Free blogging platform Blogger has many pros and cons, and lack of good commenting system always makes a problem for both bloggers and visitors. Default comment system in blogger is less interactive compared to its alternatives. Google has made many changed in Blogger design, widget systems but they haven’t improved the comments area for a long time.

What is CommentLuv?
This plugin rewards the commenter by placing a link to their latest blog post at the end of their comment. Plugin visits the site of the comment author while he is writing his comment and retrieve their latest blog-post which they can choose to include in their comment.

Rewarding users will lead to more comments on blog. There are a lot of sites which release the list of CommentLuv enabled sites, which will give you free traffic and backlinks.

How To Integrate CommentLuv With Blogger?

Step #1
Go to and register your free account. You can login using your account if have. Select I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog or website during sign-up.

Step #2
Select +Add blog/site in Sites menu or go to directly. Enter your Blogger URL where you want to install the plugin.

Step #3
Open your Blogger dashboard in new tab. Find the blog you want to install IntenseDebate on in your blogs list. Click on the down-arrow and select Template.

Step #4
Click Backup/Restore in the top-right of the screen. A pop-up will open, click on Download full template. Save the file anywhere you want.

Step #5
Go back to IntenseDebate tab, look for Browse option in step 5 on that page. Select the file you downloaded from Blogger.

Step #6
After uploading .xml file, you will see new page with HTML code. Copy all the code.

Step #7
Go back to Blogger tab in browser, Select -> Template -> EDIT HTML -> Proceed.

Step #8
Delete the HTML code in Edit HTML Template Box and paste the code we copied from IntenseDebate site. Now press the Save Template Button.

Step #9
It IntenseDebate, Click on “configure this IntenseDebate account“.


Step #10
Select Plugins in left menu, find CommentLuv and activate.


CommentLuv is now active in your Blogger blog. There are lots of other plugins available which you may want to try in IntenseDebate’s Plugins Area.

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